Hi There, We're Opiqo...

A team of creatives that design, code, and make, (like actually make) beautiful products and art for your home. Everything is custom made to order, by us, in our design studio and workshop. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia but have local websites in a whole bunch of countries. We also have a local customer service and shipping premises in England.

While Opiqo came to life in late 2021 you may have heard of one of our other brands, Tinyme. It's like Opiqo but for little kids. We’ve been running since 2006 and have made and shipped to over 1 million happy customers!

We are run by 3 dads (who have 15 kids between them) and have grown, with no investment, from a 1 person startup to a team of 50+ with separate businesses in Australia, US and UK. We do everything in-house from design, software and web development, to engineering, production and marketing.

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